Kits to build Z80 Retro Computers from the 80’s

Kits to build Z80 Retro Computers from the 80’s

There are various kits available to allow you to assemble a computer that’s compatible with various systems from the 80’s. Here are a few that I have found.

The Minstrel 2 by Tynemouth Software is a self-assembly Sinclair ZX80 compatible computer kit that comes with its own keyboard.

The Minstrel 3 (also by Tynemouth Software is a similar self-assembly kit, but based on the Sinclair ZX81.

Another kit from Tynemouth Software is the Minstrel 4th which is a Jupiter Ace compatible computer. This device is able to run Jupiter Ace software and Forth programs (hence the name!)

Getting a bit more up-to-date, the Harlequin is a clone of the ZX Spectrum. This is based on Chris Smith’s work on reverse-engineering the ULA, which he has released as a book. The bare PCB is available from various places such as ebay, and a full kit including components is available to buy from Byte Delight.

As always, let me know if you find any others in the comments.

Image Credits: fdecomite

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