ZX Spectrum Next Ordered

ZX Spectrum Next Ordered

I’ve just ordered a ZX Spectrum Next (issue 2) on Kickstarter.

This is a newly-designed machine that is backwards compatible to the original ZX Spectrum 48, 128, +2 and +3 models.

It has updated hardware, with 1Mb RAM, and a Z80 processor able to run in 3.5MHz, 7MHz, 14MHz and 28MHz turbo modes.

The hardware logic is built using a Field-programmable gate array (FPGA) which means the CPU, ULA etc. can be re-created within this one chip.

Storage is via a SD Card slot, and video output is either via RGB (Scart), VGA or HDMI.

I’ve opted for the “Accelerated” model, with an Accelerator board pre-installed.

Estimated delivery is August 2021, I can’t wait!

Image Credits: ghalfacree

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