RG350 Quick Start Guide

RG350 Quick Start Guide

My Anbernic RG350 arrived today, here is a quick start guide and some hints and tips to get it up and running.


The device comes with a charging cable (USB to USB-C) so can be charged via any normal USB wall charger. Charging is done via the USB-C port at the top right of the RG350.

There is a red light to show that the device is charging, although the light didn’t go off on mine once fully charged.

To power on the RG350, you press the power button at the bottom for a second or two. To switch off, there’s an option within the “settings” menu.

Buttons & Navigation

You use the Left and Right shoulder buttons to switch tabs within the main menu. “A” selects the item, “B” goes back. Once you’ve got an emulator running, it can be inconsistent how you return to the main menu, sometimes its “select”, sometimes its “start”, sometimes its both “select” and “start” together and occasionally its a quick press of the “power” button!

Using an External SD card

My RG350 already came with an external micro SD card, but if you want to use your own, format it as FAT32 (MBR, not GPT). I used Disk Utility which is built into macOS for this (the option is just named “MS-DOS (FAT)”). By default the process names the SD card “UNTITLED” but I changed it to “sdcard”. I put my games into a folder named “roms” and then sub-folders within here for each system (e.g. “snes”, “gba” etc.). I used a Sandisk Class 10 64GB card with no problems. Once you’ve inserted the micro SD card, it will be accessible at “/media/sdcard”.

Included Emulators

There are lots of emulators pre-installed, including

Other emulators and software are installed via the external Micro SD card which I’ll go into more details with in another post.

I hope you enjoyed my RG350 quick start guide, as I discover more, I’ll add to this post.

Update: this is how to install a ZX Spectrum emulator on the RG350.

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