Resources for Programming the Z80

Resources for Programming the Z80

Books on Z80 Programming

The classic book is Rodney Zaks’ Programming the Z80 from 1979-1981. It is freely available (with the author’s blessing) here.

Another Z80 book from the late 70’s is “Z80 Assembly Language Programming” by Lace A. Leventhal. You can download a copy from the internet archive here.

A more modern book for Z80 programming is “Jumpstart Z80 Machine Code” from 2016. It has mixed reviews on Amazon and focuses on the Ti-83 calculator but it may be useful.

Other Z80 Resources

There is also a great Z80 programming website here, with links to lots of videos. Different systems are covered, including Amstrad CPC, Game Boy, Master System and the ZX Spectrum.

ZX Spectrum Machine Code

“Spectrum Machine Language for the Absolute Beginner” is being reprinted and is available on Amazon. This is a great book to get started with (I remember borrowing it from a library when I was a kid!)

The “chibiakumas” website mentioned above also has a ZX Spectrum section here which looks good.

Finally there are some good tutorials out there worth a look: –

Just let me know in the comments if there are any more.

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